• James Roberts IV

Dry Spell

A somewhat dubious milestone snuck on me recently. I realized that I haven’t worked onstage in 12 months. I've kept busy with one-off gigs and classes but it's still been 1 year since was on a contract as a stage performer. It's the longest I've gone without work since I left my corporate job in 2012. Is this hard to swallow? Yes. Have I questioned nearly every decision I’ve made the last 12 months? Yes. However those decisions are mine and I have to stand by them. It was my decision to start being more selective with the jobs I audition for and accept. It was my decision to make sure I was here over the summer when I knew a dream project would be auditioning. Of course I hoped for different results, but at least I have no regrets. I know I did the best that I could do and gave myself every opportunity for success. Between the pints of Ben and Jerry’s and bottles of Chardonnay, I remind myself of this. But in all seriousness, I’m well aware that this is just part of the process. The numbers aren’t going my way at the moment, but that can change at any time. Right now my job is to stay ready for when it does.

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